las Isletas for a while, or a while longer

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Las Isletas de Granada

Explosive volcanic activity can change the landscape, and it did that at Volcano Mombacho millenia ago. The upside, we were blessed with an archipelago of islets, that make for a wonderful day on the waters of Lake Nicaragua drifting, in kayak or lancha, passing through the channels between.

Residente o Visitante

one of the most popular attractions among las isletas is the island of the monkeys. Once domesticated, now unable to be released into the wild due to an improbably low chance of independent survival, they now call this island home and enjoy visitors.

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Lancha on the Lago

Lanchas are the most popular watercraft on the lake at Las Isletas. Departing from Granada, or Puerto Asese to the southeast, we can arrange for a tour from an hour to three. If you prefer, kayaking is also a wonderful way to while away the time and experience the flora and fauna of the area. You can wind your way through the islands with a map, or with a guide.

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La Isla tranquila

For some, getting off the boat and enjoying the day on an island is the needed respite from the bustle of Granada. And Pico de Garza is just the right private island where we can while away the day, in activity or repose. Stunning views of Volcano Mombacho, contemplation, recreation or poolside, you decide.

Spend a while on the isle

On the water, at Pico de Garza private island they also have a floating dock moored off-shore, from which you can enjoy diving into the depths of lake Nicaragua, the largest freshwater lake south of the "great" lakes and north of Titicaca

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Life's a beach

and for some of us, well, life's a beach, and toes in the sand, beverage in hand, with a view to the fore and shade overhead, life's good, enough said.

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