Volcanic Granada

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Masaya Volcano (day)

There are only a handful lava lakes in the whole world, but none are so easy to summit as Masaya. A short five kilometres from the park entrance to the crater's edge, and that distance is covered by our new, air-conditioned van in a few moments. You'll get little exercise on this visit but, it might leave you breathless, regardless. At the beginning of the year the Santiago crater became very active, culminating in the revelation of a new lava lake, and the flow is spectacular. So spectacular, that National Geographic has returned to film again for their special.

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Masaya Volcano National Park, was established in 1979 as the country's first and largest national park. It is by far the most popular site in the Granada area. Day visitors can enjoy a more leisurely tour which can include time spent in the interpretive centre where the history, geology, and culture of the volcano and area are explained with wonderful visuals. Out the back door of the centre, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Laguna de Masaya.

Masaya Volcano (night)

The night tour is perhaps more awe inducing, the drama of the incandescent crater set against the blackness of the surrounding area is incredible. It truly is a natural wonder to behold. Observation time is restricted during the night tour for safety concerns, in the darkness the number of visitors is limited also.

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Volcano Mombacho

Volcán Mombacho, rising 1344 m /4408 ft above sea level and towering over the city of Granada, visible from every avenue of the city is another worthy experience while in Granada. Long extinct, though fumeroles (gas vents) continue to release sulphurous gases to the air and temperatures within the fumeroles range from 100ºC /212ºF to 398ºC /748ºF.

The cloud forest

Volcán Mombacho is a cloud forest, home to 50 species of mammals, 174 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles and amphibians and 750 different species of plant life.

Volcán Mombacho is extremely accessible to almost all ability levels. Transportation to the summit is included in the tour price. At the summit, we will head out on the Crater Trail hike, a well-worn trail of 1 kilometre in length, requiring about an hour to complete.

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Volcano Mombacho
Canopy Zipline

How do you combine nature and adventure in the forest? You start with 17 platforms, high in the canopy above the forest floor — home to an incredible diversity of wildlife — connecting the platforms, more than 600m of cable. From each platform, between each exhilaration, you can take a moment and enjoy the incredibleviews of Mombacho Volcano and Lake Nicaragua. Ahead and behind, canopy guides look after everything, including that video or photo you want. This is the adventure you are looking for.

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Both Volcano Mombacho and Volcano Masaya are highly accessible,
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